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Thread: Regeneration?

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    Sorry I'm new- I looked around but I know nothing about science, so I don't even know which category this would fall under!Anyways-- I'm interested in regeneration, I'm wondering why our bodies age, and what theories there currently are in regenerating tissue or other material- regrowing an entire limb for example.. Or just keeping your cells youthful!Anybody have any information for me??I keep thinking- if our body only takes so long to fully heal (what is it, 7 years for lungs?)Couldn't we.. Theoretically, keep them young/healthy for as long as we wanted?

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    They used to say that not a cell in your body will exist that was there 7 years ago... not sure if this still stands.

    Dont know how the regeneration works. With plants, if you take a clone it will be slightly weaker than the mother plant. Not sure if the same principle is in play with cell multiplication.

    Maybe we would live forever if it wasnt for those pesty pollutants and toxins wearing our systems down.

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