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Thread: Telepathy Misdaiagnoed as mental illness

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    I am looking for professionals in the study of brain activity that are interested in presenting factual information on how telepathy is real and can be mis diagnosed as mental illness. I would consider working with a student who is doing research on this also. I have firsthand experience with this subject matter.

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    My honest opinion, no offence meant and hope you don't mind if you are. No more StarTrek for you.

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    First, you have to establish that telepathy is real.

    That's never been done.
    Its the way nature is!
    If you dont like it, go somewhere else....
    To another universe, where the rules are simpler
    Philosophically more pleasing, more psychologically easy
    Prof Richard Feynman (1979) .....

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    The other thing that has to be done to be at all scientific is that alternative explanations have to be eliminated.

    Delusions and hallucinations are well known effects of some psychiatric conditions. So before beginning such a process you have to ensure that those well understood explanations are eliminated for the however many candidates for telepathic abilities are in your study.

    You also have to determine what would constitute your control group(s). I'd think you'd need to test against both people with no known psychiatric conditions and with no claims to telepathic skills and against people who do have conditions which have given them experience of delusion/hallucination and have no claims to telepathic skills or abilities.

    The other most important criteria for valid testing is that there must be both scientists/doctors and magicians observing the events. Magicians can not only detect whether people are faking, they are better than scientists at working out who might be fooling themselves. And it's worth it! There's a million dollar prize waiting for anyone able to demonstrate such skills. Challenge Info
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