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Thread: studying physics after becoming a doc?

  1. #1 studying physics after becoming a doc? 
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    I really love both the subjects, I am Fascinated by physics just as much as I am fascinated by Biology. I have kinda made up my mind on becoming a doctor but I am having problem in letting go of Physics. So do you guys think that I can study Physics even after becoming a doctor, I mean I will become a doc and will continue practising medicine for living and at the same time study physics or get a degree in physics Is it possible?

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    Why would it not be possible? You're not signing a contract to close off your interest from anything not related to medicine, so don't worry. The real question will be whether your interest in physics remains this strong later in life

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    Thomas Young (Young double slit experiment, Young Modulus, Young-Laplace equation, Young-Helmholtz theory) was a physician by profession.
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    It really depends on what kind of medical practice you move into. If you're a full time hospital employee, I doubt very much you'd have either the energy or the time. If you can get into a general family practice where parttime is an option, probably quite manageable.
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    There is a lot of physics knowledge required for a lot of medicine, especially in imaging.
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