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Thread: Anti-matter.

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    I hate just started as-level physics and was wondering what would happen if someone was to create and anti matter gun which literally fired large quantities of anti-particles and whether it could ever be possible in anyway?NOTE: I am not violent or crazy or anything. Purely interested.Any response would be appreciated

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    The trouble is that the antimatter would start reacting (violently) with the air as soon as it left the gun. Never mind the problems of creating antimatter in the first place. They have a project at CERN (the ALPHA experiment) to generate antihydrogen in sufficient quantity (about a hundred atoms) and trap it for long enough to measure its properties. It is extremely difficult.
    Antimatter held for questioning : Nature News

    I suppose it could, in principle be used as a space weapon some day. But you might be better off using the energy required in a laser or something.

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