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    What is the result if you multiply one negative infinite number by another negative infinite number

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    It's not defined. "Infinity" is not a number in the mathematical sense.

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    Interesting thread.
    Hmm I guess infinity can be used as a always changing number, like a constantly fluctuating number that goes up and up, Hmm how can I incorporate that in to a equation... Hmm guess there isn't a way, maybe you get anti infinity? Maybe infinity can be the maximum of conceptual objects that can exist in this universe or all universes or the total mass of the universe (which is still growing).. Sorry friend you need to ask a bored physicists this question. I can't get my brain to wrap around this question, maybe because i'm just not thinking hard enough or it's impossible.
    Ah! You get a conceptual fluctuating negative infinity! I think that can be put to use on a equation.
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