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Thread: All Women Gain Enhanced Strength

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    The change takes place in our world. Suddenly, every female human has gained the strength to lift somewhere between 2,000 to 3,000 pounds with ease (i.e., pick up a car, bend metal, etc.). But there are no outward signs to the change. Women physically remain the same size and won't bulk up like a bodybuilder. However, due to this enhancement, every female will also have better stamina, agility, and health. As for future childbirths, the male baby will not inherit his mother's enhanced strength, but female baby's strength won't manifest until around her early teens.

    How does the world as we know it change?

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    One big change in universities. There'd be rioting and desk thumping in every biology department throughout the world. Imagine what it'd do to all the theories about primate anatomy.

    From today's Guardian. Invention of cooking made having a bigger brain an asset for humans | Science | The Guardian
    "Why are the largest primates not those endowed with the largest brains as well? Rather than evidence that humans are an exception among primates, we consider this disparity to be a clue that, in primate evolution, developing a very large body and a very large brain have been mutually excluding strategies, probably because of metabolic reasons."

    I realise that you're talking about increased strength rather than size of joints and muscles - but there have to be other metabolic processes to support such a change.

    Whole new vistas of career opportunities in biology, medicine and pharmacy.

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    genderism, psychology, social information, human culture, media every day talk, words, would change.
    Genderism is everywhere. The clothes you where from political debates and even structural design. Females that are superior then males.. We would realize this change in culture, and see that gendersim is litrally implying certain things, things that are naturally the foundation for our personalities. At least it would be a clue that genderism is implying a whole lot.
    With bravery and recognition that we are harbingers of our destiny and with a paragon of virtue.
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