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    I assumed that my opinons and thoughts on any given subject was ok to voice considering my post was a responce to an opinion on an athiests beliefs about God, I responded as such with my beliefs, Im guessing this venue is only an open forum for athiests n I guess Im not welcome here because I openly admitted to believing in God, in their statement about which religion is right the poster openly admitted to being an athiest and followed up with literally saying, ( I believe ) Im really confused on this type of forum, this is not an open forum, call it science or what ever but dont call it open, because its not open, sorry if I offended someone but I have a right to my opinions tooSorry to the moderater,but thats kinda crap

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    There are plenty of people here who believe in God. Which is not too surprising as many scientists believe in God. If you want to discuss science or anything else in a scientific (evidence-based) way then that is great. However, all you have done so far is to tell people that you believe in God (which is not very interesting) or to attack science for no very good reason.

    I don't know now what you mean by an "open forum". This forum is about science and has a few rules to try and ensure discussions stay reasonably focused on that. It is a lot more relaxed than many science forums. However, it is not an "anything goes" forum. And there is no reason why it should be.

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