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Thread: World Without Bees Timeline?

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    Hypothetically speaking, if bees were to go extinct, what type of timeline would we be looking at for the decline of earth? Here's my best guess. Tell me where I am wrong.

    1. Within a year, all fruit, flowers and bee-pollinated plants would become extinct, unless pollinated by humans.

    2. Within two years, all cattle and livestock would die off.

    3. ???

    All right, so I am definitely NOT a scientist. Actually, I am an author and need a semi-accurate timeline. Anyone out there who can school me?

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    I don't know that it would affect grazing animals very much as grasses are wind rather than bee pollinated. Of course, an ecologist might tell us that there are system level effects that would percolate through to species that aren't directly bee pollinated.

    I'll wait for one of them to show up.

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    Why would they be extinct? The colony collapse disorder only seems to be affecting major portions of the domesticated Apis mellifera. It has not impacted majorly any other group in the Bee order. Plus you have the other major insect groups that perform pollination, such as moths, butterflies, flies, beetles, bats, birds, etc... Then you have the other pollination methods such as wind pollination as mentioned by adelady.

    Major crops will take a hit, but I wonder how much, as native pollinators will reassert, and were quite possibly already contributors to the pollination process of the crops.
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