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Thread: Quantum Trapping?

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    Hello all,
    I have been wanting to post a thread about my quantum trapping tractor concepts and ideas for a while now and finally found some time to create a thread about it. I discovered about Quantum trapping quite a some time ago and since I have loved to devote entire days just thinking about the concept. I have had some questions that so disparately need to be answered inspired by the effect.
    If it is possible to manipulate the magnetic field by extending or retracting the field then you can effectively control the length of levitation the quantum trapped object is experiencing. Now if that can be done then we can make this object levitate farther or closer from the base tractor magnet. A question: How can you manipulate the area of effect of a magnet to extend or retract?; how can you possibly get a area of effect that is greatly larger then the base magnet that creates the area of effect? Reason I ask is because if this is possible then you could possibly place a Quantum trapping tractor turret with the base magnet inside and aiming to where the quantum trapped object goes creating a possible gravity deifying and unusually fast quantum trapped aircraft flying about. Another question: What could possibly contain a magnetic field strong enough to have a area of effect up to 100 feet? Could a dampening object be effective?

    Oh and yet another one: Is Earth capable of creating the quantum trapping effect?

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    well Ive had the same questions myself. I asked and all I gotten back feedback wise was "smart" remarks. I have been tinkering with things along this nature myself for the past few years. I wish there was a material that didnt need to be cooled to become superconductive. I too would like to know how we can make the trapping affect on earth. I do not believe the earths magnetic field is strong enough by itself without a proper amplifier or a new way to pickup or SOMETHING.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JettX View Post
    well Ive had the same questions myself. I asked and all I gotten back feedback wise was "smart" remarks.
    Perhaps if you knew what you were talking about you'd get fewer "smart remarks".

    Among the other things you seem to be completely ignoring is that this form of levitation relies on the strength of the field of whatever is below it: in this case the Earth.
    The field does not really enter the disk itself - that's WHY it levitates - it "rides" the pertaining field.
    This means that any "amplification of the Earth's magnetic field" needs to be done to the Earth itself.
    A) How are you going to do that?
    B) What about the side effects of a vastly increased global geomagnetic field?
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