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    Hello,My oven has 4 or 5 metal trays in it. I want to cook something and make use of one metal single tray. IF i remove all the other trays (also metal) that I will not use, will my oven 1) reach the desired temperature of 200 quicker 2) use less electricity or mor in heating up to the desired temp - substantially so or insignificantly so? Ie. do the metal trays assist the heating process or hinder it?B

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    Are these 'trays' sheets or racks of metal? I can see that sheets could interfere with convection. The normal racks that I'm used to in ovens wouldn't have much effect at all.

    It depends what you're cooking how you use trays. I quite often put a baking sheet into the oven while it's pre-heating when the item has a pastry base. The preheated surface ensures that the base cooks more quickly and thoroughly than it would if you were relying on just convection.

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    Anything you put into the oven will increase the mass that needs to be heated up. As such, it will increase the time for the oven to heat up and cool down, but I think this would be negligible as far as fuel usage is concerned. Sometimes, it is a good idea to add thermal mass in your oven, and people use baking stones for this purpose. The thermal mass tends to keep the oven temperature more constant and prevents the oven thermostat from cycling on and off as frequently.
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