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    How do I solve the following problem. My professor gave us this assignment but never explained how to do if

    In maize, a strain homozygous for two recessive mutations, liguleless (lg) and glossy seedling (gl) was crossed to another strain homozygous for a dominant allele (B) that puts red pigment into the stem and leaves. The F1 plant was backcrossed to the liguless glossy parental strain, and seed from that cross were of the following phenotypes and numbers:

    lg gl + (liguleless, glossy) 172
    + + B (red) 162
    lg gl B (liguleless, glossy, red) 56
    + + + (wild type) 48
    lg + B (liguleless, red) 51
    + gl + (glossy) 43
    lg + + (liguleless) 6
    + gl B (glossy, red) 5
    a) make a linkage map of these three genes, showing map distances
    b) calculate any interference.

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