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Thread: Creating Medications, developing new Drugs, Will this ever stop?

  1. #1 Creating Medications, developing new Drugs, Will this ever stop? 
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    I can't fit any more Pills and Potions in my medicine cupboard. The more medication that becomes available ( at a very large cost indeed ), the Sicker we get.

    Is it because we are living longer?

    Or are w not dying off quickly enough.?

    Or are we developing bad health by whatever means and conditions, that require more and more medication?

    Or is our Constitutions being undermined by sugar or alcholol or too much sex?

    When will we be healthy enough so that we will not require any more Medication? westwind.

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    I would imagine there are many factors.

    We're not necessarily getting sicker, but rather recognizing more sicknesses and differentiating them from one another more accurately. As we're able to target the specifics of illness more accurately, we can develop new medications with a more specific purpose. Instead of one pill to treat a "cold" we take a pill to treat the specifics of our cold such as stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, etc.

    It's true that we're living a LOT longer now than just a half a decade ago. Age brings about many issues which may not be experienced by those who die young. Issues that arise with age progression such as Alzheimer's aren't really just coming about, but they become more prevalent as more people live longer. When the people of a half century ago were dying in their mid 60's with a heart full of butter and starch like God intended, they were less likely to have to deal with some illnesses (more likely to have to deal with others, I imagine).

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