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    Hey this is a simple game as a bit of fun for anyone who likes soccer or cars. The rules are very simple all you have to do is make a soccer team, thats right but instead of players you use cars.

    1 goalkeeper
    4 defenders
    4 midfielders
    2 strikers

    For your goalkeeper you can choose any 4/4 or SUV.
    Defenders mean you have to choose a saloon or sedan.
    Midfeilders are chosen as coupe's or convertibles.
    Strikers for these you can choose any sports or supercars.

    to get you all started here's my go:

    1 GK = land rover evoque
    2 D = jaguar xj
    3 D = mercedes S class
    4 D = bentley flying spur
    5 D = rolls royce ghost
    6 M = aston martin db9
    7 M = ferrari california
    8 M = BMW 6 series
    9 M = bentley continental gt
    10 S = ferrari 458
    11 S = mercedes sls

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