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    I have some question for my science puzzle:
    #1 The layer or zone of the lithosphere between the crust and the outer core.
    # 2
    A very hot cloud of incandescent volcanic ash that often moves down slope at great speed (2 words).
    # 3
    A relatively stationary plume of hot mantle rock that produces volcanic chains such as Hawaii.

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    What's your intent here?

    If it's homework, we discourage direct answering unless or until the poster shows they've done some thinking about the problems.

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    i think we've had something like that before - it's one of those crossword puzzles with geologic terms
    still, i agree that a little googling would have solved your question
    i entered #1 and got the following wikipedia article : Structure of the Earth
    googling #2 already gives the word you're looking for in the first header + likewise for #3
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    2: Pyroclastic storm.. one of my most favorite magic cards
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