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    Hello, new member to the forums here. I'm a Seattle-ite, like the outdoors, the sunny summer for a change, etc.

    Topic @ hand = I'm curious, what career(s) would encapsulate the following items/ideas/subjects?

    Items/ideas/subjects List = Telomeres, DNA, cell division, watching quantum mechanics in action (science daily ), Grow Biological Tissue, [unknown but really cool and interesting topic that's unknown about a component of the human genome here], etc.

    Now I know there's probably more than one career interest here, but I'm novice at labeling careers anyhow + I'd be interested in what other peoples opinion's are, about my Topic.

    Thanks for reading,
    Post Please!

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    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    I'm a novice at labelling careers too, but looking at that list the first things that came to me were neuroscience and cancer research.

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    Yes, neuroscience was one I thought of too. I'm not extensively trained with anything of that sorts, so pretty much my lack of knowledge in that area is what lead me to sign up, join this community (no oxford comma needed ^.^) and make this thread.

    I'm more of a computer programmer, but I do find neuroscience and similar subjects intriguing. Perhaps one day I'll switch over!
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