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Thread: Conciousness, Reality, Fate/Decisions, etc.

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    I haveheard and wondered about the topic of how consciousness is supposed to create
    reality and other facts, and that brings many questions to mind. First off, how
    in the world does the mind create reality and how was this conclusion reached
    from experimental evidence? I have heard that when you make a decision it will
    create many different realities, depending on how many decisions you can
    possibly make at a time. At the same time, I believe that there is fate because
    I believe what the Bible says (call me wrong, crazy, whatever you like for
    having this belief, but I dont have to agree with anyone if I don't want to,
    but I will tell you this, I have seen enough miracles and enough of the
    spiritual side of things to last me for a lifetime and yes, I do think for one time I didn't believe there is a God...I've gone through many
    different periods of time where I have had wildly differing mentalities and I
    will continue to go through many different mentalities as I develop). In any
    case, I know fate to be real, and at the same time (if you can back up your
    arguments with experimental evidence I will accept whatever the conclusions are
    that have been reached), experiment says that reality branches off when making
    decisions, so I wonder how fate and decisions work together at the same time.
    They seem to be two mutually exclusive ideas, but so does the wave-particle
    duality, and energy and mass equivalence, and space-time, and these are very
    well accepted ideas, (I dont fully understand space-time). A thought that I
    have is that if you had n, number of choices to choose from, like four cups
    with a different color ball inside of each up, you would have n, number of
    realities to create. Now, say that you had to choose the cup that had a certain
    type of color ball inside of it, the odds of the right cup being chosen over
    and over by the same person, as well as with different people, would increase.
    I watched a program on TV once that said that if a person has certain bio
    monitoring devices on them, and they are sitting in front of a computer that is
    showing may different pictures at random, the person who is being monitored
    will react to a pornographic photo up to 5 seconds before it is shown on the
    computer screen. I had already assumed that if consciousness alters reality (I
    still don't understand how the mind could create reality), that the
    consciousness (or even the spark of life) of whatever type of organism it is would
    tug on reality to better its chances of survival. This program verified what
    I already thought was possible to happen. However, fitting together the idea of
    fate and also at the same time reality "juncturing" off into
    different realities, things coexisting only makes sense to me in such things as
    wave-particle duality, etc., which I have already mentioned. Another thing that
    makes me wonder about the mind being our own daydream is, then, how in the hell
    can we create a whole world of people, the world itself and everything that
    exists. If this is so, then when we discover a new fact then we are actually
    either creating new parts of ourselves, or we are simply discovering our own
    selves, and then again what are dreams or altered states of consciousness?
    Another question I have is this: if choosing a correct cup with the right ball
    in it is left to us, we will choose it and probably more likely if we are told
    that our survival depended on it. But the thing is, not only do our minds make
    choices for us without being aware of what we are doing in order to survive,
    like the subconscious, but we also make calculated decisions which involve conscious
    thought. In this case, as you strategize out things you are more powerfully
    making correct decisions on how to survive, but at the same time, every step
    that we come to in order make the correct strategies the more likely that every
    step you have to take (which is one decision after the next leading to an
    ultimate decision), is being aided by our subconscious mind. All of the
    research that would come into play in order to truly understand this would be immensely
    powerful if used correctly. The problem with experiments is that, even if you
    try to take all variables out of the way that would interfere with getting the
    understanding you are looking for, your mind will still be a variable that you
    can't weed out, unless there is some kind of means to separate that from the
    experiment too, but what? AI? Yes, I do believe that survival of the fittest is
    truly occurring, but I have heard that in the satanic bible that survival of
    the fittest is one concept that it talked about a lot. And in the Bible, in the
    future, and I am paraphrasing, the lion and the lamb will eat straw together
    (how I don't know). I think that may be when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of
    knowledge of good and evil that death entered the creation, and thus survival
    of the fittest. The Bible say that God told them that the day that they ate of
    the tree of knowledge of good and evil they would surely die. However, God
    killed an animal (I think it was a lamb) and used the skin to cover their
    nakedness. The lamb died and took their place. And that is what Jesus (I call
    Him Yahshua, it's the Hebrew name for Jesus) came to do. People no longer had
    to slay an animal that would cover their sins, Jesus (Yahshua), was the final
    sacrifice, "The lamb of God," and that is where grace came in. People
    no longer had to slay an animal (lamb?) to take their place. Jesus (Yahshua)
    took all of that sin away with His blood when He died on the cross. And when
    Jesus (Yahshua) comes back as the Bible says He will, I believe that survival of
    the fittest will no longer be in effect. In any case, Im expressing my
    thoughts and beliefs, and I am not trying to force you to believe like I do,
    but with fate and decisions making reality and all the questions I have about
    it, I had to bring into the topic some of the ways I look at things. But if you
    truly want to see if there is a God, and you are an atheist, ask God to show
    you if He is real or not. I looked up in the stars one night when I was an
    atheist a long time ago and said, God if You are real, show me, because I cant
    seem to find you. I did and that has made all the difference. He sure showed
    me, He truly did. I know that some of you who read this will mock me to scorn,
    just remember I never mocked your beliefs to scorn. Everyone has the right to
    believe whatever they want. </span><span style="line-height: 115%; font-size: 14pt;"><o></o></span></p><font color="#000000" size="3" face="Times New Roman">


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    Hi Jackie, always nice to chat with new members. First off let me start by welcoming you to the forum.

    The mind does indeed create the reality for each individual person. That reality is slightly different for each and everyone of us because we have had different experiences and we have differing brain architecture and chemistry. Each reality is just a particular persons perceptions of the the world they live in and how they interact with it. You are correct with the notion that our decisions affect our reality as they help to shape not only the way we perceive ourselves but also shape the path we take through our world.

    It is through shared experiences that we can connect our realites with those of others and this leads to us having similar opinions, likes and dislikes.
    We are constantly shaping and changing our own realities through the interactions with those of others thoughout our lives and no matter what you do or who you are one thing is certain, that is that your reality will change. Over time the way we look at things and make choices changes and this helps to shape our reality for any given time.

    The really interesting question though about reality is, is it within our control to shape the way perceive things though an effort of conscious will and choice or are we totally at the whim of the events we experience?

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