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    is there a difference in viewing a cross section from above or below?
    i was recently in a viva and the professor showed me a t.s and asked me whether the cross section at T7 level was being viewed from above or below i said that it didnt matter much there wouldnt be any difference but she said that there is a change in the position of heart. can anybody help me with that?

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    Yep there is. When you look from the top down, the heart tends to be more on your left hand side. When you look from the bottom up (imagine looking from the feet upwards), the heart tends to be more on your right hand side.

    For an MRI or CT you're usually looking from the bottom up, so cross-sections that include the heart show the heart on the right, and those that include the lower right-most lobes of the liver show them on the left.

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