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Thread: Mathematical Integration.

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    The interesting question is that we have to prove that the R.H.S of the following two equations are same through integration.<br><sub></sub><br>F<sub>1</sub>=<font size="4">integration (0 to 1)[x<sup>2</sup>{integration(-1 to 1) exp(-alpha(1+x<sup>2</sup>+2xy)<sup>0.5</sup>*(1+xy)/(1+x<sup>2</sup>+2xy)<sup>3/2</sup> dy}dx]<br><br>F<sub>2</sub></font><font size="4">=integration(1 to infinity)[x<sup>2</sup>{integration(-1 to1)exp(-alpha(1+x<sup>2</sup>-2xy)<sup>0.5</sup>(xy-1)/(1+x<sup>2</sup>​-2xy)<sup>3/2</sup>dy}dx]</font><br><font size="4"> </font>

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