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Thread: Giant Squid & Giant Jelly Fish

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    Having seen some documentaries on giant Humbolt squid and Normura jelly fish, there is a distinct possibility of these two ocean species wiping out the other denizens of the ocean.
    Due to the rise in ocean temperature, they are breeding in unprecedented numbers.
    The Americans and the Japanese are very troubled by the twin problems.
    And although they have followed the Chinese example of, "If you can't beat it, eat it" still the numbers are too huge to be controlled this way.
    Before the fish and other stocks in the oceans are completely wiped out, a policy of having a depository for all ocean specimen should be made, just like the case of the storage of seeds in Europe.
    Perhaps, using electricity could kill off vast numbers of these predators before they deplete the fish and other stocks.
    Science is also finding a natural predator for these predators and a solution could be found in the near future.

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    There's a big difference between reducing another species by competition and "wiping it out," which implies extinction. Some species will benifit from ocean warming and thrive--others obviously won't do so well, but will likely get new areas to expand into. Acidification is much more of a threat because it will leave few areas uneffected.

    Shocking only effects a small area--you might volunteer to walk with someone doing a fish survey sometime--its effects usually don't even extend much beyond 20 or so feet.

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