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    Hi guys!Great to get advice form a bunch of clever people!I hope you can help me on the following problem. I have been farming for a number of years organically. On the farm we use drip irrigation it works well with energy saving and saving of water etc. I do however have a problem that our dam water has iron and this blocks the driper ventricles. As an organic farmer I can NOT use any form of conventional acids etc. I do not want to compromise my Organic status with in the market place, simply not worth the RISK at all. The drip irrigation is a 15 mm black polyurethane pipe with drip ventricles every few feet, inserted into the side wall of the polyurethane pipe. These ventricles are made up of very small maze where the water must flow in order to drop the correct letres per hour at a certain inlet pressure. What are your ideas to disolve this iron organically? I was thinking of oxygenators in the dams? Air-ate the water? Some fantastic very fine high volume filter system?Looking forward to your annswers!

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    There is a lot of information on the problem here:

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