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Thread: Cable TV receiver vs Other electric instruments

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    I have a cable TV (satellite TV channel) connection in my home. The channel receiver control room is not so far from me. But I observe that when electricity line cutoff in my area, the cable line disconnect just little bit before that. How it is possible?
    I think the cable TV receiver and my TV set both runs by electricity. But how/why cable receiver go off before TV set?
    Would anyone please help me by answer this with reference.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Most electronic devices operate on direct current, but receive their power from the alternating current in your house. Conversion of a-c to d-c requires that rectifiers be placed in the power supply. A full wave rectifier does not produce a nice, steady d-c voltage, and so it is filtered through a network of capacitors, resistors, and possibly inductors. This filter network stores electrical energy, and so when you cut off the a-c power, it takes some time for the d-c voltage to die off. You probably also notice the opposite effect when you turn on the television and it takes a while to build up voltage on the capacitor. Devices with less capacitance in their filter network will cut out quicker on loss of a-c power.

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    To confirm whar Harold said, my cable receiver is very sensitive to even momentary (< 1/10 second) power hits that don't affect anything else in the house.
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    Shakil077's cable line disconnects before power goes out in the area, not after.

    Perhaps Shakil077 you've witnessed a cascading blackout, where one neighbouorhood after another goes out? I think your cable signal depends on power in a part of town that goes out before yours.
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