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Thread: Gor blimey!! Shades of Bill Sykes dog.

  1. #1 Gor blimey!! Shades of Bill Sykes dog. 
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    Seven Dials. Fagin. ( and his boys...), Oliver Twist..."" Gotta pick a pocket or two..."" The Tenements, the rat runs... the Olympic Games. Oh those rat runs, holes in the walls..those were the days. And the Pickings to be had now, with the Games approaching. Don't worry about the silk handkerchiefs. Or Fob Watches. The odd necklace or two. It's mobile phones, lap tops, ipods, wallets, handbags, bumbags, wow--this is going to be good. Twenty four seven open slather. How to get the loot back to Parkistan, Rumania, Somalia, The Middle East, Australia, old westwind's mind boggles, his fingers itch, the excitement of the Game. Still, I prefered the Silk Hankerchiefs and the Fob Watches. Gold of course. Who will join me from The Science Forum to help distribute the Worlds Wealth more evenly? I'm a native of seven dials and Romney Marsh, my old cobber, the artful dodger will fix us upwith lodgings.... right, who's in?. westwind.

    Words words words, were it better I caught your tears, and washed my face in them, and felt their sting. - westwind
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