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    I I would like to learn how to do Lucid Dreaming.I had read stuff off the web about lucid dreaming.Having trouble understanding some of it.Any ideas or suggestion on how to do this.Have any of you tried Lucid Dreaming ? if so what was it like ????

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    Lucid dreaming is where your conscious mind and subconscious mind are both suddenly active. Lucid dreaming commonly occurs in the awakening state. The most common lucid dream for me is doing math, a bit dull yes but in those moments you become aware that you are dreaming and it is then that you can control the fate of your dream, but most likely you will wake up from sleep.

    If you want to lucid dream the best I advise is to not want to lucid dream. You could listen to some music, have some silent math playing in that music. At some point during the REM sleep cycle every 1.5 hours your mind will start to dream of math, you might be tempted to do equations and work out things in your sleep. Which you will have a VERY hard time doing, when you do the math correctly the more often you do this as you sleep the more often your conscious mind will awaken.

    The best time to do this is during the last REM cycle approximately 1.5 hours before 8 hours complete sleep. This phase is the most active of the REM cycles and the chance of the conscious brain kicking in his higher as you have already had slow wave sleep

    Just like during consciousness the subconscious influence thought and feeling, the conscious also influences the subconscious during sleep. Good luck.

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