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    Please am a Nigerian, Actually i always have ask myself this question (' what is our universities teaching?, is never appealing to here that a university graduate, who studied computer science, can not give a clear difference btwn mouse and keyboard '), that is too small anyway, there are much more story overhere. If not that i have computing as my talent, it could have another issue.

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    Hey man, welcome to science forum first off.
    This I know a bit about here in america. In just 2 years here at (Ivy Tech) technical school. You would trained to travel and take care of computer issues world wide in a field that pays $75 an hour up to $1500 an hour and higher + room and board and travel expenses.
    Your english looks pretty okie-dokie.
    The government will fund you too.

    Well Ivy Tech is a technical school which trains people for real world jobs. An education will cost you about $46,000 which you won't have to pay until they put to work at a job of your choosing. Also you can apply online but you will need to call them at some point. People do these jobs for businesses for outragous wages which companies are happy to pay if the job is done right. Most businesses here are computer oriented meaning they shell out big bucks for techs to fix them when they mess up. Which I'm sure that you are aware of. 2 years training here in USA and this is what you are looking at for the rest of your life. Not many countries can offer such a great deal on an education. You work for an income so you can afford food and shelter while you attend classes 2 times a week and do the rest of your work online at your conveniece.

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    Warthog, Please can you give a lucid detail on this issue please, thanks in advance.
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