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    Check out this new Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction movie campaign, it has an interesting story and very unique characters.

    After the Fall is an incredible sci-fi film about Samantha, a girl with a terminal illness from the past, who re-awakens in the middle of a future war after an enemy invasion has turned the United States into a concrete wasteland. If humanity is to have a chance for a new dawn, Samantha must help a ragtag group of resistance freedom fighters face an army of darkness, a legion of creatures, and a government doomsday conspiracy for she is the key to unlocking a weapon that could protect humanity or destroy it.

    AFTER THE FALL is starring Melody Melendez (Liars, Fires, and Bears), Randolph Scott (Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code Wedlocked), Michelynne Mcguire (WBs The Starlet), Napoleon Ryan (BBC's Look Around You), as well as additional soon-to-be-annouced "star" actors.

    The campaign is to raise additional funds to complete a prequel short film which would bridge the story between a prequel novelette written by franchise creator Randolph Scott and illustrated by premier fantasy artist Keith Thompson (Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim and the Leviathan book series) and the feature film After the Fall. The campaign also features exclusive one-of-a-kind pledge gifts for backers including custom props by world renowned steam-punk artist Tom Banwell, custom costume pieces by world famous rock couture designers Junker Designs, and original artwork by concept artist Adam Kuczek (the Wachowski's Cloud Atlas).

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    After the Fall - Film by Randolph Scott — Kickstarter

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