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Thread: Need advice for what path to take.

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    Hey guys.

    I am studying Japanese at the moment. Just finnished my first year and passed my exams but I really need some advice. I wanted to learn either japanese or chinese. I chose japanese for the following reasons:

    1: I like the sound of the language more.
    2: I like the culture more.
    3: I like the history more.

    However when it comes to thinking about my future economically, chinese seems to be so vastly superior. Japans economy isnt really moving forward atm, while the chinese are growing fast.

    I wrote a similar thread on the education forums - what I want to hear from you is - should I follow my heart or my head? Id really like to hear from you people if you had the same problem when choosing a career path, and why you chose what you did. Also if you regretted the choice you made and so on. I really need some advice from other peoples experience to help me make a decision. Someone told me "Choose what you like the most, because if you do you are bound to become best at it, and if you are best at what you do you wont have a problem getting a good job"

    Did you follow your gutfeeling and heart, or did you take a more pragmatic approach using only your head? Cause atm my heart screams "continue with japanese!" while my head says "Switch to chinese you friggin moron!" with my gutfeeling full of doubt and torn between the two. Id also really appreciate if someone with a good grasp of economy could tell me cold hard truth as to the ability to earn good money with either language. Even my Uni teacher said to our class that "If you are concerned about a job and earning good money alone chinese is probably better".

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