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Thread: A Good Article to be Recommended!!

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    I inadvertently entre an website of publishing company and find a good article, following is the title ,author and abstract:

    Meteorological Symbol and Technology and Method of Signifying Graphics Based on Font Library*
    Jinzhou Wang, Jing Feng, Lei Jiang
    Institute of Meteorology, PLA University of Science and Technology, Nanjing
    Abstract: Be geared to the needs of the graphical meteorological symbol in lively showing meteorological information, the text treatises the whole procedure of fabricating meteorological symbol font library with graphics software, Corel-Draw, and font editing program, Font Creator Program. Based on applying of font library, the text also designs symbol mapping tables and presents mentality of signifying graphics. Finally, the style libraries of ArcGIS are expanded by the font library, and programmed method for visually displaying meteorological information is illustrated by combining an example.
    Keywords: Meteorological Symbol Font Library; Mapping Table; Signifying Graphics; Style Library

    There are many good articles in the website. You can visit it, maybe find something usefull: Link removed - See Post Below

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    Moderator comment: Lucy Gray, I don't believe you inadvertently entered the website. I believe you are a representative of that website. Therefore your post is dishonest. Please pm me if you wish to challenge this statement. In the meantime I have removed your link.

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