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Thread: Intelligent Extraterrestrial life: Implications toward religion

  1. #1 Intelligent Extraterrestrial life: Implications toward religion 
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    An interview I watched today recorded a PhD prepared scientist saying "If we ever do find intelligent life beyond earth, it will rock the foundations of religion."

    Do you agree and why?

    It appears to me the same evolutionary results are possible. If we consider that we are always evolving, it seems as though intelligent life everywhere would follow the same pathway through evolution and perhaps even have gods on par with what we believe. I cannot actually imagine religion being threatened at all by life on other planets. Do you agree that these scientists are perhaps too optimistic or am I completely wrong?

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    Where does it say in any religious text that we are alone?

    I don't think it would shake religion at all...if anything most religions will point to it as "evidence" for devines wonderous influence on the Universe.

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    I can't see how it would make any difference at all to religion.
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