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Thread: I don't understand it!

  1. #1 I don't understand it! 
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    E = hf
    mc^2 = hf

    It means, that a photon has a mass. Isn't a photon massless?

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    That is only half the story. The full equation is: E2 = p2c2 + (mc2)2

    Where p = momentum; so particles with zero mass (photons) have energy given by E = pc.

    Edit: A nice little presentation about this here:
    (As it points out, the E2 = mc2 version is the classical approximation - when velocity is much less than c)

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    (But yes, photons do have mass. What they don't have is rest mass)
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    Quote Originally Posted by drowsy turtle View Post
    (But yes, photons do have mass. What they don't have is rest mass)
    .. does photon attracted to gravity because it really has mass OR do we say so because having 'mass' fits the equation??
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