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    Hello there, I am a 13 year old kid and i am very interested in physics/math. I was fiddling around with infinity for a while, and this is what I found.
    Lets use this sequence.
    if we multiply by 2-1,
    everything but -1 and 16 cancel out, leaving
    therefore, if we make a function, it could be the solution is 2x-1, where x is the last number in sequence.
    so if we use this sequence, 1,2,4,8,16,32... ∞/2 and plug into this function, we get:
    but infinity can be re-written as (2*∞-1)-1, making 2∞-2. rewrite this again, we get ∞+∞, or (2∞-1+2∞-1)-2 which is 4∞-4.
    Therefore, if we do this an infinite amount of times, we get ∞^2-∞. Set this equal to ∞-1, we get ∞^2-2∞+1. factor this, we get (∞-1)(∞-1). ∞=1. But it does not end there. set ∞^2-∞ next to something else, like 4∞-4, and we get more answers.∞^2-5∞+4 factors into (∞-1)(∞-4), and we get ∞=1 V ∞=4. Therefore, infinity can equal an infinite amount of numbers. Im a little confused, please help explain this to me thank you.

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