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Thread: May Day. Known also as 8 Hours day in Australia.

  1. #1 May Day. Known also as 8 Hours day in Australia. 
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    First Day of May. The day that the Australian Workers, Shearers, Railway men, Manufactories, Harbour Side Workers, Transport Unions, Chartists, Anacharists, chose to fight their case for Eight Hours Work, Eight Hours Play, and Eight Hours Sleep. In the form of an inner city Banner Waving Street March, each Union having a suitable Banner depicting their Trade, sometimes a Band, Workers took up this cause to highlight their quest for better workplace Conditions. The first May Day March took place inthe 1890s and was taken up by Melbournes Trade Unions late 1890s. In the Early part of the 20th Century the May Day March was banned, resuming in the 1920s. Very popular day in Melbourne for the next40 years or so, a Celebration of Worker recognition. They were colourful Events, I personally witnessed several Marches, and the Comoraderie and determination of Workers to show Solidarity with Their Comrades in America and Canada, was a means of highlighting Workers of the World Unite. Not sure now what form or recognition takes place now now in America and Canada, but our Trades Hall in melbourne proudly displays the old eight hours day Banners. Will watch the news tonight to see if any reference is made to what was a very important Day for the Workers of the World. westwind.

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    Thats Great. Have a (whatever adjective is more appropriate for you) First Day of March! (I'm not repeating the something something veteran day mistake )

    I bet your working conditions work week/vacations/etc are better than in places where they don't realize the struggle that was required to get them (or that dont have them period).


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    Only missed it by 2 months
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    Surely I would have heard that Communists marched on March 1st? No no MeteorWayne, Anarchists and my Comrades marched for better Conditions on May 1st. On the second weekend in March every year, there is a Gazzeted Holiday in Victoria Australia, on the Monday, making it a long weekend. This Gazzeted holiday is known as Labour Day. ( The original 8 hour day ). The locals here though think it's a holiday for our Moomba Festival, and may your Angels protect you if you remind them of the History of this day. They, first of all, don't know what Labour means. They can't spell it. And if you remind them it is 8 hours day they immediately say there are 24 hours in a day. Any silly bugger knows that. westwind.
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