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Thread: are we living in multiple dimensions?

  1. #1 are we living in multiple dimensions? 
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    we are definitely in the 3rd dimension. but do the 4th and 5th count

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    Quote Originally Posted by incorrect View Post
    we are definitely in the 3rd dimension. but do the 4th and 5th count
    It's not really that we are in the the third dimension, but that there are three (spatial) dimensions. For example, to specify a location, you need three numbers. This could be latitude (north-south), longitude (east-west) and altitude (height), for example.

    However, if you want to meet someone at that location, you also need to specify a 4th dimension: time (i.e. when). This is why we are described as living in a four dimensional universe.

    Einstein's theory of relativity defines the geometrical relationships between these four dimensions.

    There are some speculative theories (e.g. string theory) that suggest that there may be more dimensions that we are not aware of.

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