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Thread: Dreamt i was dreaming that i was lucid dreaming but !woke up", still trapped dreaming.

  1. #1 Dreamt i was dreaming that i was lucid dreaming but !woke up", still trapped dreaming. 
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    This is the most messed up experience I've had when it comes to dreaming in my entire life. JUST woke up and writing it down fast now that its fresh.

    I was lucid dreaming allright. Something easy for me to know because I do it quiet often (maybe once a twice a year, that is often when it comes to dreams when you are in full control and realize you dream?)

    The problem was that each time I woke up, I woke up in my bed in my childhood room and it was dark and then DIDNT lucid dream. It was as if i SURRENDERED my mental will because i THOUGHT i was awake. Fooled by the scenario that I had woken up.

    This would happen a few times. That when my dreams bored me and I tried waking up, I "woke up" in my childhood bed but I was still dreaming. Seems my guard was down or something.

    I would classify this as a nightmare, because when I finally realized it I got really afraid and couldnt wake up. And when I really woke up now, I needed a a minute to convince myself I wasnt still dreaming. To make it disturbing - when I "found out" that the reality I woke up in was also a dream, the actor Morgan Freeman was sitting in a chair in a darkcorner of my childhood room (In the dream I couldnt control) trying to convince me I was in a coma.

    Anyone experienced something like this?

    A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it. The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it. - David Stevens
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    kinda sorta except it was natalie portman in the chair leering at me

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