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    Could a planet exist with iodine as a core? Would it allow life to exist ? What would be the impacts on life on that planet?

    Thank you!

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    Others may correct me if I'm wrong, but atomically, iodine is heavier than aluminum and iron, so gravity would be greater.
    However, solid Iodine is crystalline, meaning that it's pure form is lighter per cubic unit that aluminum and iron, so gravity may be weaker.

    Also, Iodine is carcinogenic, can be radioactive and easily combines with salt into a highly water soluble compound. Not sure how that helps.
    Iodine has a far lower melting and boiling point than iron and aluminum so the weight of the rest of the planet may not be enough to keep it solid. The earth has both and inner and outer core, so maybe the iodine is part of the liquid outer core? The solar system's outer planets only have one core, but their gravity isn't enough to fully compress it, so it's sort of gaseous.

    All in all, there is no way to know, and no proven way to guess or predict accurately.

    All of this may be false, take it with a grain of sugar.

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