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Thread: Hello, I have a question about "grain size"

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    Hello, I'm trying to understand an article and there's phrase that always shows up: "grain size". I know that it's connected to some kind of measurement or something like that, but in the article I'm reading it doesn't make sense thay way. I'm posting an example of one of the sentences that have the phrase in them and would be very happy if any of you could possibly help me out to understand what it means in the sentence. Thank you.
    "This suggests that, for robust misconceptions, refutation at the
    belief or mental-model level is not the right grain size to achieve conceptual change."
    And another example: "In order to understand the difference between incorrect
    knowledge and misconceived/conflicting knowledge, we need to consider the representation of
    knowledge at three different grain sizes: individual beliefs, mental models, and categories."


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    Has this text been translated into English from another language? It doesn't sound like normal English usage to me. (But then again, it appears to be some sort of philosophical text in which case they could have made up all sorts wacky terminology to support their ad hoc argument).

    "Granularity" is used to mean different levels of analysis/detail. That might be closer to what is meant. But things like "individual beliefs, mental models, and categories" sound like completely different types of things rather than different levels of detail.

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    My interpretation would be that an individual belief could be something like "My house is haunted." It would be harder to convince someone their house is not haunted, if they have a mental model of souls wandering the earth after they die. I suppose that "category" would be some higher level of belief, perhaps some religious context.
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