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    Gifted from the Womb? Long slender hand development, coupled with an ability to assemble noise into musical notes. Genetically wired for this compatability? Inherited Traits? The gift of musical appreciation and the ability to create music. Has this always been so, and if so, where did it come from? Perhaps Evolutionary? Over many generations? What survival needs are being met here? I am of the opinion that this ability to make music is a self fulfilling means of expression, not necessarily for the benefit of others, tho it mostly turns out that way. Great Actors, masters of expression, all have this ability to be creative. It is not just a job. Its something inside that has to come out. I f repressed, and not taken up, than a form of illness may develope. What do other members think of principles involved here, as they apply here, or even perhaps to those people pre-supposed to a Scientific bent? westwind.

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