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    Freemasons deny that freemasonry is not the religion. This statement is not true, because freemasons require believing in god or the power of the highest and that all people believe and serve the same god who is one and the same for all people. A freemason can be a wiccan and believe in witchcraft. A freemason can be Hindu and believe in Vishnu (Hindu god). A freemason can represent whatever religion or belief, because freemasons believe that all beliefs are believing to one and the same god for all people. Believing in god or divinity fills up distinctive marks of the religion. It is clear and obvious that freemasonry is practicing the religion.

    Freemasons are looking for enlightenment by climbing up the ladders of Jacob according to degrees of freemasonry, until they reach enlightenment. Enlightenment occurs when they have arrived by seven chakras to 31-33 vertebras. Like this way kundalini power has coiled 33 vertebrae of the back and in this phase freemason turns up as so said god.

    This kundalini power (kundalini snake), satan's spirit works in freemasonry in the same way and same order as it worked in paradise. In the paradise, satan deceived first Eve (femininity) and after it, Adam fell into deception (masculinity). After this evil satan said that you shall be as god, knowing good and evil. After this, their eyes opened to "enlightenment" of sin by the deception of satan. The order is exactly the same in the paradise and in freemasonry.

    The New-Age and witchcraft practicers believe that the people of the world come as one by the New-Age doctrines, spirituality and witchcraft. The goal is made for people as gods, in which they all are one. This goal is satanic deception and by this deception, satan wants to deceive the whole mankind to worship him. The Bible teaches that the son of perdition proclaims that he is god. Satanic deception proclaims that men become gods. This is the same-old lie of paradise, in which satan deceived Eve and Adam by saying that you shall be as god, knowing good and evil. This is the goal of satan to deceive the whole mankind to think that they are gods. Evil satan's purpose is deceived and eternally destroy the man.

    One of the freemasonry symbols is the all-seeing eye, that is one of the oldest pagan symbols. Pagan religions taught this eye is the eye of god, which rules the world. All-seeing eye is also the symbol of Egyptian Osiris's sun god and symbol of Indian Shiva snake god.

    All-seeing eye is one the most important symbol of freemasonry. The freemason Charles Vail has said that the third eye is the highest symbol of clairvoyance, and every master mason has this eyesight. Vail has stated that this eye was always placed in every Egyptian temple representing the ancient eyes of god, which never sleep.

    Albert Pike Morals and Dogma (p. 817): “the World will soon come to us for its Sovereigns and Pontiffs. We shall constitute the equilibrium of the Universe, and be rulers over the Masters of the World."

    Freemason Manly P. Hall has said in his book Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, that we are coming nearer to the era where nations will no longer be, the whole world is under one order, one government, under one administrative organization.

    Researcher Paul A. Fisher has studied and read freemasons doctrines. He read all freemasons' magazine New-Age issues 1921-1981. He made from his research next kind of conclusions: International freemasonry has been throughout of its history organized to progress towards worldwide kabbalistic gnosticism, digging the ground of Christianity, and if it is possible to destroy Christianity and infect all central structures by freemasonry thinking .... All researched material points out the fact, that the most members of fraternity are primary ignorant the real plans.

    One satanic evil distinctive mark is that is always aspired to distort and destroy the truth of the Bible. Freemasonry tries to distort and destroy the truth of the Bible. This proves that freemasons are a tool of satan to deceive the people to receive the satanic new world order. The real Jesus' disciples never accept and support satanic new world order. For this reason freemasonry and also other sinful and satanic powers try to destroy the truth of the Bible. This reaches its peak in the last days of the mankind when antichristian spirit raises worldwide persecution against the real Jesus' disciples. It is good to remember that the Lord Jesus win this battle and His coming He destroys the power of antichrist.

    Freemasons are working in every structure of socities progressing towards the coming of the new world order. They have a religion (all religions lead to one god); they have contacted people who lead an economy world; they control media and policy. They have spun the nets to all directions that they can manipulate the world to submit to receive the new world order. Evil satan goal in the new world order is to try to control people and get them to be one as in the Babylon where people as one worshiped satan and built together the city and tower of Babel. The New world order is renewed city and tower of Babel, in which satan attempts for the last time deceive and destroy the whole mankind.

    The real Jesus' disciples don't jump into the satanic new world order, because they have the faith and trust in the Lord Jesus and His truth. Antichristian powers in the end drive the world to destructive war, in which people undergo moments of horror and terror. At last, the Lord Jesus comes (return) and destroys antichristian powers.

    You have still time to repent your sins, whether you are freemason or not and receive the salvation in the Lord Jesus. The prophecies of the Bible are fulfilling in a rapidly speed before our eyes. Let the Lord Jesus save you that your sins can be forgiven, and you can receive a part in the eternal life with God of the Bible.

    You can read the whole article here. Freemason freemasonry masonic lodge new world order



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    If you meant this to be a history of freemasonry than you blew with the preaching the final few paragraphs.

    This is closed and you're in timeout.

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