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Thread: Expressing test results in food microbiology

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    I work in a quality control laboratory for food microbiology. Recently we have implemented ISO Standars and accredeted the same.

    But, there are some issues that we cannot seem to overcome and we have tried to get answers on various web sites.

    It regards our laboratory reports.

    So far, we have been getting one sample to test and accordingly we have provided reports for that sample. That report contained all the analyses that we did for that sample on one page.

    Now, we are recieving 5 packs of the same sample and we are not sure how to express those results. Are we suppose to write the result for each pack on the report and then give our overall opinion? Or just to provide the largest result on the report? It doesn't seam logical to give average result...

    Does anybody know what to do in this situation? From now on that will be a practise for all the sample to arrive as 5 packs from the same lot...

    Thanks veryyyyyyyyy much!!!!!

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