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Thread: To detect STEALTH PLANES position.

  1. #1 To detect STEALTH PLANES position. 
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    • We know that it is'nt possible to find the accurate position of the stealth plane using the radar waves.My doubt is that willl it be possible to detect STEALTH PLANES position using INFRA RED BEAM detector or by a LASER DETECTOR.
    • Also by detecting the HEAT dispatched(from exhaust),which makes the air ionised and also by sensing the sound which will be mach 2 or 3,which is twice or thrice the speed of sound.
    • I think by CALCULATING & COMPARING the above methods,it will be possile to know the approximate POSITION of the stealth fighter.

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    Also, they're visible to the naked eye. Just sayin'...

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    Yeah, I remember back in the days of the infancy of radar, there was an effort made to make an optical version of stealth by putting lights all over the aircraft. Supposed to have worked. Thing is, faster an object moves, harder it is to find before it is on top of you. Apparent motion with respect to observer is important too- two aircraft on a collision course will appear fixed in place to each other with respect to background, making ground based ATC more useful in such cases.
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