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    Hi, I'm hoping to get some help on understanding the type of Hawking radiation emissions that would be expected from decaying micro-black holes such as they hope to see in the LHC. Also interested in the types of particles and radiation that can be absorbed by a black hole (before it decays).

    As I understand Hawking radiation it is due to the creation of particle and anti-particle pairs from QM at the event horizon of the black hole. One part of the pair ends up in the black hole but its partner escapes carrying away energy/mass thus causing the decay of the black hole. So ordinary matter and anti-matter particle pairs such as an electron and anti-electron must make up some of the decay radiation. Photon pairs (photons being their own anti-particle) will make up I think most of Hawking radiation. I guess its possible to have the other bosons like gluons and weak force bosons (also being their own anti-particles) make up some of the Hawking radiation?

    Now all these constituents listed so far are from particles with multiple charges (for example quarks with 3 possible color charges and quarks also having fractional positive or negative electric charge) or force particles that carry multiple types of charge (whether gluons or photons etc).

    But what about gravitons (I guess virtual)? As a spin 2 particle the graviton is different from the other bosons. Gravitons carry charge too like the other bosons but in the case of gravitons I guess you can say they carry 'mass' charge. But my sense is that the physics community does not generally support the idea of negative mass charge. So if gravity charge only comes in one polarity then I'd guess you wouldn't have graviton particle and anti-graviton particle pairs. (particle pairs seem to be associated with multiple polarities whether fermions or bosons). Which means you couldn't have gravitons emitted as part of Hawking radiation?

    So if a graviton was absorbed by a black hole then during the decay process you would never see a graviton emitted. In other words a graviton swallowed by a black hole would disappear but during the decay process the energy associated with that graviton would be emitted in some other form such as photons or matter or anti-matter particles.

    I'm not sure anyone has considered the possibility that gravitons could be absorbed by a black hole either.

    Sorry this was such a long post but I'd be very curious what people think. Thanks! Bob

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Courtney View Post
    As I understand Hawking radiation it is due to the creation of particle and anti-particle pairs from QM at the event horizon of the black hole.
    That is only an approximate description of what happens. It doesn't help understand the nature of the radiation.

    Hawking radiation is just electromagnetic radiation with a black body spectrum with a "temperature" which is inversely proportional to the mass of the black hole.

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