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Thread: Orange World!

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    I saw a dream in which i had visited a place where there are many many hares big ones in a laboratory kind of thing. They all are in transparent big cylindrical tubes. They are orange in color.
    What if our bio-logical environment is 'cultured medium'? Like only exists in material form but as if a dream. Then what if the ages written as dark ages, metal age, industrial age....are just building blocks of constructing a simplified cultured medium for humans to evolve survive.
    Then another artificial intelligence with potruding belly expells through a tube outlet. The cylindrical barrels then are filled with gas and the orange rabbits hares discomforts due to suffocation. And twigs out like poping out from a soil hideout!
    What if then the real world is like a still undescribed complex world with a lots and lots of hocus pocus. With flying white atmas souls, dark unknown trees, big slimy branches of trees moving across,....etc
    And speaking human language orange hares!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainbow13 View Post
    What if then the real world is like a still undescribed complex world with a lots and lots of hocus pocus...
    It still is, but I don't really understand what I'm supposed to be commenting on.

    "Cultivated leisure is the aim of man."
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    Dude, it was just a dream...
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    Are the rabbits a subconscious substitute for duck feathers?
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    Hmm is that you again ginger/zeus555? (ip check please!)
    If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. -Thorin Oakenshield

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