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Thread: Internewtz spelling

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    Most common internet mistakes

    EDIT: I do not own any of this, all props go to the creator.

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    I love it. Lose and Loose is far and away the most common...

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    Yes it is probably affect, effect.

    Alot is becoming a word, regardless of what the grammar nuts have to say about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynx_Fox View Post
    Alot is becoming a word, regardless of what the grammar nuts have to say about it.
    Allot is a word.

    Alot is not a word and although a lot of people use it, they are wrong to do so. I am not a "grammar nut".
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    at what point does a misspelling become an actual word though? no matter how often it is noted to be a misspelling it is becoming more common.
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    at what point does a misspelling become an actual word though?
    When it makes the grade into a reputable dictionary. Lexicographers don't prescribe meanings and spellings for words, they record and explain them as they are used by speakers and writers of the language.

    Incorrect spellings and usages often first make it into a dictionary as 'slang' or 'vulgar' examples. If they persist, they eventually finish up as just another word or meaning. In the case of misspellings, the root of the word will be shown as the originally correct derivation.
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