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Thread: Inventions or discoveries hidden away conspiracies

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    Most people on here i assume must have heard the famous conspiracies about the car engines powered by water, bought -up by the Arabs to prevent the devastating impact of such inventions on the worlds demand for oil supplies. Stan Meyer's Dune Buggy. I wondered whether there were any other similar type stories you'd heard of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThinkTank View Post
    . I wondered whether there were any other similar type stories you'd heard of.
    I've heard dozens of such tales. They all have the following aspects in common.
    1. They assume some grand conspiracy exists.
    2. They prey on the insecurities of small minded people.
    3. They propose actions or concepts that fly wholly in the face of well established science.
    4. They offer no evidence to support their contention.

    I attempt to forget about them as quickly as possible. Their principle benefit is that they help to identify people to avoid.

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