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    Dimensional Fibonacci Space Regarding Negative Entropy:

    A one dimensional existance and a two dimensional existance would (should) be negative (reverse or backward) from our entropical position, while 5 and 8 dimensions should be entropically positive (forward) from our position in three dimensional Fibonacci space.

    Some (intelligently small) life forms (here with us) biologically move (“autonomically think”) in only one or two dimensions from their (cellular and multi-cellular) internal sense.

    We neuroligically move (live) in three dimensions after 700 million “years” of evolution and there “remain” one and two dimensional creatures and forms that somehow live here in three dimensions along with us and even within us.

    As a crude example, a garden vine is directionally one-dimensional as a growth, but in three dimensions we can see its full expansion in space.

    We do not conceptually or spatially live in one or two dimensions; instead, we live in three.

    We can easily see (experience) one or two dimensions as with the spiral, but we cannot experience 5 or 8 dimensions from any of 3 or 2 or 1 dimensional space.

    An Adjustment to Boundary Size:

    From quantum mechanics, the boundary size has been approximated at

    b ~ 10-16 - 10-18 meters.

    From special relativity,

    c is bounded and ~ 109 meters per second.

    c is an upper bound. The perceived velocity is bounded in Fibonacci space by the number of boundary crossings in our perceived one second of time t.

    Then there are ~ 109 crossings in one perceived second using a Joule measurement system.

    From quantum mechanics, we had bounded the (miniumum) number of crossings using sensory (neurological) requirements in the range 103 – 106 per perceived second.

    A special relativity estimation of the boundary size b:

    b2 = constant ÷ (number of boundries experienced in one perceived second)

    b2 = (small constant) x 10-30 x 10-9 (again using the constant h from wave maechanics)

    b ~ 10-19 – 10-20 meters

    Boundary Energy:

    Estimating in Fibonacci space without wave mechanics:

    Energy per unit mass can be equated to (109)2 Joules for each perceived second. One perceived second corresponds to 109 physical events (boundaries) so there are an implied 1 Joule (appx.) per kilogram per average one-dimensional spatial boundary event.

    In that case, one kilogram (103 gram) requires 1 Joule and one microgram (10-6 gram) requires 10-9 Joules as an energy associacted with a single boundary.

    For example, a “force” required to propel one gram in one-dimensional space for a perceived 10-9 sec would be calculated from the following:

    10-3 Joules = Force(F) x b

    Then b = 10-3 ÷ F (meters)

    Assuming our perceived force of gravity at Earth’s surface (our experience) and following the general theory of relativity, then:

    b ~ 10-3 ÷ (10 meters sec-2 x 10-3 kg) = 10-1 x (10-9)2

    And b ~ 10-19 meters.


    The Fibonacci boundary size in one dimension is estimated as:

    b ≤ 10-16 – 10-18 meters using wave mechanics and neurological time requirements

    b ~ 10-19 – 10-20 meters using special relativity and wave mechanics

    b ~ 10-19 meters using only relativity and no wave mechanics


    Boundaries have Barrier Energies

    Some Specific Energies do not move Entropically Forward

    There are no Real Functions of Time (t)

    There is only Energy lost (left Backward) in the Entropical Transition of Space

    The Energies left Entropically behind should have Ramifications for other Energies moving Forward without them

    First we understand the Barriers, then we can begin to understand Negative Entropy

    Once we understand Negative Entropy, perhaps we could begin to understand Dimensional Forward Entropy

    We Probably did not Achieve Three Dimensions without First Achieving One and Two


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