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Thread: Requirements for an Aeronautical Science Degree?

  1. #1 Requirements for an Aeronautical Science Degree? 
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    I am in the 11th grade, and am curious of the requirements necessary to be accepted into an Aeronautical Science program at a college.

    The schooling that I have been receiving up until now has been... well, less than satisfactory, to put it softly. I struggle with simple things (particularly in mathematics), and I feel that I will never be able to accomplish my dreams of becoming a military pilot (preferably fighter-jets), and ultimately becoming an astronaut.

    I have already lost hopes of acceptance in Aerospace Engineering... but I do believe that I may have a shot at the aforementioned major.

    If it assists at all: I am very much so interested in Embry-Riddle, of the Daytona Beach, FL campus.

    Unfortunately, I have only been able to locate minuscule blurbs regarding the requirements for Aeronautical Science, but nothing in-depth.
    I appreciate the time in which you have taken from your day to read my post.

    All of my best wishes,
    - Nascosto

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