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Thread: Your Opinon on Countries Around the World

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    I apologize if this message is off topic. I am trying to give a broad group of people a chance to participate. Please disregard this message if you are not interested.

    I’m a student assisting a professor with a short internet survey (5-7 minutes) and I would appreciate if you could help us by filling it out. The survey is fun and is trying to get a sense of what you think about different countries around the world. Participation is completely voluntary and you can stop at any time. Your participation is anonymous and you will never be asked to provide your name. Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to participate in this survey.

    If you wish to participate, please go to the following link:

    Thank you for your help and your opinion,
    Wade Garrison
    Graduate Student
    University of Michigan

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    Interesting research. If it is at all possible we would be interested in seeing a summary of the research once it is complete, or at least a reference to any publications resulting from it.

    For the other members, this really is a simple poll to fill out. And should not take more than five minutes just as Round the World said.

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    Yea interesting survey.

    One remark though: some of the final questions are difficult to answer for someone who's not from the US. I've sent you a pm about this, as you may not want to discuss this here (could influence people who haven't done the survey yet).
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    I dont blame people that study astrology even if its worthless(imo), if they like it as a hobby its their business, nor do I blame people for conducting meaningless(imo) surveys like this here either, everyone's entitled to their hobbies.

    I did a lot of statistics and surveys are meaningless unless very precise and even then you have to be extra careful about any conclusions you derive from the data. Most surveys are both too general to mean anything and intepreted beyond reason.

    What does developed mean? Its too general imo. Technological? Medical? Social? What about the fact that in many countries some people enjoy the benefits of a development while other in the same country live like cavemen(homeless without healthcare), do you consider the best, the worst or the perceived median or the perceived average?

    Income level? Does that really matter? If you make 1 million dollars but your rent costs 999 thousand dollars and a banana costs 700$ whats the point to talk about income without considering the cost of living? If you have no taxes, but pay on a toll booth every street corner to use the private roads, a toll for every bridge you cross, pay for water, pay for health care, pay for private security, pay through the nose to send you kids to school, are you better off? Also, consider variance which makes averages meaningless, in the US, banana republics and some dictatorships the richest few are billionaires while a mass of people live below the poverty line, how you see income level depends on if you think of the few rich or the many poor.

    Are you Conservative or Liberal? without context its also meaningless, someone considering himself conservative in Holland could be more progressive then someone considering himself Liberal in Turkmenistan.

    One of my teachers said if I had two buckets of water next to each other, and told you the average water temperature is nice and comfortable would you put your feet in them?
    By relying on the average you could have one foot scolded by boiling water and the other frozen by near freezing point water.

    In any case I'd like the conclusion of the survey posted so I could get a good laugh.

    (again, if you enjoy it that's all that counts, dont consider my antics) :wink:
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    I did it, very interesting, Zimb... it made me think I really don't know about that but some things, as in Sweden, like the paradise but not really, many things you cant do there, not PC...

    cool, good luck, let us know about the results, cheers
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