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Thread: Need help on Chloramine removal. Please serious response/chemistry types only. thanks!

  1. #1 Need help on Chloramine removal. Please serious response/chemistry types only. thanks! 
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    Thanks for your help.

    I'm a 47 y/o white male having skin irritations/rashes on my face that are greatly affecting my life. I'm trying everything to eliminate them - (have been seen and continue to be seen by several Drs, so the medical avenue is being used)

    I live in San Diego and learned that the water system here has Chloramine (chlorine/ammonia) in it for disinfectant (as do many cities across the U.S.). My problems started shortly after I moved here, so it has always nagged me that it was something environmental with my move. (Althought I spent 2 months in a city that only uses Chlorine this fall, and did not have a noticable change and am a pilot so travel alot)

    I am going to try and remove Chloramine from my environment to see if that helps. I understand that Chloramine is officially safe and I'm not a fringe player upset at government or use of all chemicals...i'm just trying desperately to find anything that I may have become sensitive too as these skin problems are greatly affecting me. I've ordered a catalytic carbon filter for my shower (condo- no access to building water), but am getting mixed signals from sellers..(everyone's filter is the only one that 'really' works for chloramine removal. For now I'm bathing/drinking spring water only to see if that helps. here are my questions: (sorry if I use incorrect scientific terms)

    1. If i launder my clothes normally and they get chloramine on them from the washer, can I expect them to 'off-gas" after a period of sitting? If so, how long..

    2. same for dishes in the dishwasher.. can I expect the chlorine/chloramine to dissipate in a meaningful way from my dishes? I can use paper for awhile to test.

    3. If these things do not evaporate, dissapate, off gas, or whatever it's called, can I expect that any contamination from them would be so miniscule that it's extremely unlikely to cause anyone a problem? I.E, you'd get more exposure from walking around a swimming pool than you would from chlorine/chloramine in your clothes/dishes. I notice an occasional dry, prickly feeling on my body, but the only place i'm having real issues is on my face.

    4. I'm sure that the largest exposure would be from bath/shower/drinking but want to eliminate all possibilities for a couple weeks to see if that helps.

    I could really use a smart chemist professional to give me a little guidance here and cannot thank you enough in advance if that's you. If possible, could you please include your background/position in chemistry. I can be reached at or here.


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