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    My mini-book about using Kindle is available at:

    It describes only those basic tasks which I actually performed. The title is KINDLE HOW-TO: NOTES TO SHARE; the price is $0.99. Each short note describes a different task, as shown below:

    Table of Contents
    Note 1: Kindle's keys and buttons
    Note 2: How durable are Kindle's batteries?
    Note 3: Extracting text from a Kindle book
    Note 4: Kindle's wireless channels
    Note 5: Private documents on Kindle
    Note 6: Archiving my Kindle books
    Note 7: Finding a phrase in my Kindle book
    Note 8: Grouping Kindle books into collections
    Note 9: Reading Kindle books on my computer
    Note 10: Writing Kindlle books

    Being a beginner I would like to know what more knowledgeable people think about this mini-book. If you are one of such people then contact me by email at


    and I will send you the mini-book in Word format. Your comments will help me to improve the book. Yes, I am contemplating a second edition, after becoming more knowledgeable. Please share the link with those who might be interested.

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    We don't allow this sort of advertising. I've removed the links so you don't cross the line.

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    I swear all he is doing at this point is using the post counts on the forum to increase his google hits and drive people to his sites. He does not participate in any of the threads he creates even when asked direct questions about his posts.
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