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Thread: One Planet thrown from the Solar System?

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    One Planet thrown from the Solar System?. During this time, astronomers believed that our solar system has four giant planets, namely Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. However, recent analysis indicates that the Solar System with 4 giant planets is odd. Chances are, the Solar System has 5 giant planets.
    David Nesvorny of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, United States, is a scientist who revealed the new opinion. To arrive at its conclusion, Nesvorny create computer simulations that analyzed the 6000 objects in the vicinity of Neptune and moon crater. One Planet thrown from the Solar System?.
    Based on the analysis Nesvorny, Solar System only has a 2.5 percent chance to be like now if from the beginning only had 4 giant planets. While there are 10 times more likely for the solar system as it is today if it originally had 5 giant planets.

    Fifth giant planets are believed thrown from the Solar System. When the 600-year-old solar system, planetary orbits have a period of instability. There are planets that move to the Kuiper Belt, the region close to Neptune, and there are moving into.
    Jupiter has a strong influence of gravity is known is one of the culprits. Jupiter’s orbit could change suddenly and the giant planets of the Solar System was thrown by it. While the other planets to survive. One Planet thrown from the Solar System?.
    Nesvorny said, “The possibility of the Solar System has more than four giant planets and throw some of them, seem suited to the discovery of many planets that exist in the interstellar region, which suggests that throwing planets are common.”
    In, Nesvorny say that this finding raises questions. One was about the planet Mars and Super Earth, whether they are formed in the Outer Solar System (after the orbit of Mars) and then eliminated.
    Nesvorny opinion is fantastic and makes people amazed. However, he himself felt that his opinions are still to be verifiable by a series of studies. Nesvorny analysis results published in the online edition of Astrophysical Journal Letters last week. One Planet thrown from the Solar System?.

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    One Planet thrown from the Solar System?

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    So you come here to spam your blog?

    Here's a link to the SWRI release in English...

    Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) 2011 News Release - Giant planet ejected from the solar system

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    yochascience do you have any solid evidence of this though?
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    Actually, there was a New Scientist item about this. Not proved, but the computer simulations of the early solar system work better if they assume it started with five giant planets, and one was 'tossed out' by gravitational influence, probably with Jupiter.
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