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    I help run a weekly online radio show & podcast called 'This Week in Science'. We cover the latest news in science and technology in a format that's approachable enough for people with non-science backgrounds.

    We're trying to get the message out about the show and thought users here might be interested. The show is available for free on iTunes and though our website at

    The people that put out the show are all volunteers - none of us make a dime off of our efforts. We hope you like it.

    Marshall Clark
    Technical Director
    This Week in Science

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    I listen to this podcast just about every week... Justin and Kirsten are great!

    I advertise it on my blog and recommend it to anyone who enjoys science and likes to laugh. The two make a great pair; have great guests in the fields of science; and will make you both think and laugh.

    Another don't miss podcast is Point of Inquiry. Read my review and get the links to some of the shows at this link.

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